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Real Estate

NAI 1st Valley Commercial Realtors connect you to real estate that fits your needs

NAI 1st Valley’s Las Cruces-based commercial realtors have expertise in brokering many different types of commercial property. Our commercial property transactions have ranged from selling large tracts of land for development or leasing retail space in a suburban power center, to leasing small flex spaces to small business owners or selling large industrial distribution centers to local and national corporations. We currently have a range of commercial properties available.

NAI 1st Valley’s relationship with our clients is based on hard work, integrity, and zealous representation of their interests. Our commercial realtors in Las Cruces represent owners, buyers, landlords, tenants, and investors in realizing their goals and maximizing the value of their investments. Our clients come to us for the personalized attention we give to every client and every listing, and they stay with us because our mission is to build long lasting relationships that benefit everyone.

Why choose NAI 1st Valley Real Estate?

With decades of experience and commercial property credentials, NAI 1st Valley commercial realtors will find you the commercial property for sale that fits your needs. We work with buyers, sellers, lessors, and lessees across all commercial properties. To contact us, call 575-521-1535.

Why you should work with a Commercial Real Estate Broker?

Making a decision about commercial property, whether you are leasing, purchasing or investing, can be overwhelming but the process will proceed more smoothly with the guidance and expertise of a NAI 1st Valley commercial broker.  Our commercial brokers have knowledge, experience, access, and tools available to connect you to listings that fulfill your requirements.