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Stephanie joined NAI 1st Valley in the fall of 2016 and obtained her Associate Brokers License in January of 2017. She is a licensed assistant to several brokers and works closely as Executive Licensed Assistant for NAI 1st Valley Principals, Randy McMillan and Jake Redfearn. We are happy to have her expertise, common sense, and humor in our office.

Stephanie graduated from Onate High School in 2009 and completed the EXCEL career program there as well. She took most of her Broker Classes on-line and learned complex real estate concepts rapidly.

Stephanie gained valuable customer service experience in positions at Blake’s Lotaburger, AutoZone and Super 8 Motel. Most recently she was a Safety Director and Log Auditor for a large regional transportation company where she oversaw the Safety Division. At each of these businesses Stephanie was promoted to positions of responsibility and supervision. She became available to 1st Valley when she felt there was no more opportunity for advancement and was excited about the prospect of becoming involved in commercial real estate.

Commercial Association of Realtors of New Mexico
REALTORS Association of New Mexico
National Association of REALTORS