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As Qualifying Broker of NAI 1st Valley, Edwards is responsible to the New Mexico Real Estate Commission for the direct supervision of NAI 1st Valley brokers. As General Manager, he sets and implements Strategy, Policy, and Operations for the brokerage and problem solves for other companies owned by Randy McMillan and Jake Redfearn – Principals. He is responsible for the daily operations of the company, its employees and licensed Associate Brokers, and for compliance with local, state, and national laws – at least the ones we agree with.

Edwards serves as the NAI Business Director for the NAI Network. During his tenure, Randy McMillan and NAI 1st Valley have won the following NAI Awards: Eagle Award, Top Producer Award, Member of the Year, and Chairman’s Award, for Tertiary Markets. NAI 1st Valley has also won the New Mexico CCIM Marketing Deal of the Year Over $1,000,000 for 2008; and other local awards.

Louis has over 40 years of management experience beginning in 1973 as the Manager of a fish buying station in Alaska for Icicle Seafoods. Along the way he managed a pilot boat operation, tour boat operations for Holland America Line, a non-profit zoo, and was a two term President of the Non-Profit Council appointed to provide oversight of marine oil transportation in Alaska. For fun, he operated and managed his own fishing charter boat; and when he returned to school to finish a business degree he was Director of Sales and Marketing for a film and video production company associated with the NBC affiliate in Anchorage.

Bachelor of Business Administration – Management; University of Alaska Anchorage

1600 Ton US Coast Guard Master’s License

General Manager, NAI 1st Valley Commercial Real Estate Companies

Co-Chair New Mexico Real Estate Commission Qualifying Broker Workgroup, 2015/16

Member, Forms – Presidents Advisory Group – Realtor’s Association of New Mexico, 2015

Chairman, RANM Forms Committee, 2014

Chairman, Strategic Planning – Presidents Advisory Group – RANM, 2013

Chairman, RANM Forms Strategic Initiative Sub Group

Past Packmaster of Cub Scout Pack 555 – Homer, Alaska